About Currie

Our Story

At Currie, we see the possible

For 30 years we have connected clients and stakeholders in conversations about a better way forward. But, we are not the heroes of this story. The leaders we work with are – the ones who aren’t afraid to start difficult conversations about complex challenges we need to solve together.

Currie works at the nexus between food production, natural resource management, and programs that support people and community.

Currie is a proudly certified B Corporation and a participant in the United Nations Global Compact.

Our vision

We see a world with leaders working towards a kinder, fairer, safer future for all.

A future that connects people with food, land and water, and, ultimately, with one another.

Our mission

To give voice to people and organisations that sustain life on our planet.

What we do
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Meet the team

Our people

Our Partners

Partnerships for shared impact

Currie partners with others to make a positive impact on the world. This includes pro bono clients, to whom we gift 5% of our consulting time each year. These partnerships empower people to feed themselves, protect nature and live better, and enable organisations to work in a way that sustains life and realises a better tomorrow.
What we do
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Our Impacts

Measuring what matters

Not everything that matters is easily measured, yet Currie manages its material sustainability impacts in three ways. We use B Lab’s B Impact Assessment to monitor social and environmental outcomes. We report progress on our commitment to the UN Global Compact. We report these impacts in a sustainability report.

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Our Thoughts


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