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Why cynicism is healthy

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I’m among a growing number of millennials with a level of mistrust of brands and their online communications and an ability to switch off to this content.   We’ve developed a kind of sixth sense; we can spot ‘spin’ and are aware of guerilla comms tactics infiltrating our social media feeds….

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Gough Whitlam in front of crowd

Whitlam’s forgotten legacy: a voice for the poor

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We republish an article from The Conversation written by ex-Currie staffer Fiona Davis from Australian Catholic University. Former prime minister Gough Whitlam, whose death at age 98 on Tuesday, left significant legacies from his short time in office. Whatever their condition today, many of his government’s initiatives, including free tertiary…

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Two heads cartoon

It’s a blogtastic world

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In the words of Canadian physician Nelson Jackson: “I do not believe you can do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.” Communication methods are changing, and changing fast. When I first decided working in the media was my calling, I was 14 years old. There was…

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Cosmos movie poster

Screw the demographics? Sure, why not?

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“Everyone. There’s no specific demographic. Ann Druyan, the writer of the show [and wife of the late Carl Sagan], succinctly noted: anyone with a beating heart. The cosmos is not for one demographic. It’s for everyone. It belongs to everyone.” Neil deGrasse Tyson on the ‘target audience’ for Cosmos Thirty…

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Mind your language

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Here at Currie we use our blog to write about the stuff we like. Gabrielle recently wrote about the biggest storm ever as she headed back to the Philippines. Mark often writes about leadership, Fiona is our wordsmith and Susan our communicator. Katrina loves to talk green and Craig, anything about…

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Conquering the e-urge

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I can do this.  I can conquer this addiction. I know it’s for the best. But my e-dealers – PC, iPad, iPhone – keep tempting me.  Their beeps and buzzes whisper seductively, “check us, check us, you might have missed something really important.” Emails. Tweets. Facebook messages. Texts. Linking In….

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