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Daring to be brave…daring to be different

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The power of bold communication by political, sporting and business leaders captured our attention this month.We’ve been watching US President Barack Obama advocate for gay rights, AFL league CEO Gillon McLachlan condemn racism in football and banker Cameron Clyne call on business to do more for society. Currie believes the world…

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Man on edge of cliff

Seizing moments of truth

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You know the moment. When a game, a debate, a customer, a boss is there to be won. We call these windows in time “moments of truth”. These are times to be brave. How often do we see someone fail to seize the moment? Why don’t they? Is it cowardice?…

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People and thoughts

Connecting with people who care

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People are connected to each other like never before. A stark reminder for me last week came in the form of real-time email conversations with colleagues in Melbourne during a flight between Los Angeles and Seattle – 30,000 feet above the United States. My destination was Seattle, the venue for…

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Hands over wheat field

Keeping an eye on the horizon

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What matters to people in the future is something we seek to understand every time we develop a strategy. Sure, we do our best to learn from the past and deal with the now, yet looking forward is an integral part of planning communications and engagement for the public and…

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Press conference

Managing the angry mob

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In our previous newsletter, Keeping the lid on a crisis, we focused on issues management, which looked at prevention and preparation. In this issue, we will explore The 5 Immutable Laws of Crisis Management – things to remember when the lid has been lifted – as well as provide an…

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