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I first learned about B Corp when I was researching Currie Communications; before I met with Susan and Mark to discuss possibly joining the team.

I was impressed by what I learned. Currie’s B Corp certification shored up my opinion that I wanted to work with this team. It shows a commitment to behave ethically in areas that matter to me, including corporate governance and transparency, and impact on the environment and society.

I think it’s brave and smart that Currie invites an independent third-party to give us an honest assessment of how we’re using our business for good. It shows we ‘walk the talk’ on sustainability and responsible corporate behaviour.

And as the adage goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. B Corp gives us an assessment to evaluate and report on how “good” our business is.

I like that the B Corp framework helps our team – including managers – to decide what work we do and importantly, how we do it. For example, the whole team is contributing to renewing Currie’s business strategy. We all gave feedback about various aspects of the business and then in January, we spent a day working through that feedback and a comprehensive financial report (transparency, tick). We all got to strategise how to mitigate risks; how to be an even better place to work; and how to be an even more effective agency.

It is the first time I’ve genuinely been included in developing a business strategy and I appreciate it greatly. It takes conviction for business owners and/or managers to be open with, and include, their staff like this and it makes me feel I have more investment in the business.

I think the Currie team would treat each other and our clients well, and work on projects that help solve social and environmental problems even if we weren’t a B Corp, but the accreditation holds us accountable to it.

Another big benefit to our team is that the certification is a short-hand for telling our family and friends, our existing and prospective clients, potential team members and others about how we act and what we do. It’s exciting to be a part of this movement to use business for good.

About Laura Griffin

Laura Griffin brings extensive agricultural media relations and editorial expertise to the Currie team. Her work at Stock & Land saw her selected for Fairfax Media’s Emerging Leaders Program. Laura enjoys time spent on the family farm in northern Victoria, playing board games and cooking themed feasts for family and friends.

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