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Introducing Eleanor Meyer

By September 27, 2016 Stakeholder No Comments
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Misspent youth. Everyone has one, right?

In some way. I spent my misspent youth studying. That’s right, the old head-in-the-books problem.

Surrounded by ideas. I was very idealistic. My university got me out to do an exchange to Italy, but it didn’t last long. I was back studying before they knew it.

And then the university stopped giving me things to study, which was ok because at that point I had come up with an idea: a recycling app called Sustain Me. I figured if you gave people a way to work out how to recycle, they’d recycle better. So I worked on that for a few years until it started taking off.

And then? Well with the app having been released, and work ebbing and flowing, I found myself with spare time. Couldn’t have that – so I figured I should find a good company, with good people, that does good.

You’re reading this now because I found Currie Communications. Well, they found me. We found each other. Now I have an avenue through which to explore more of my ideas!

And I can use what I’ve learnt about disruptive digital technologies as a case study on communicating change for good.

I learnt about innovation – that innovations can only really operate with the support and knowledge of established organisations. But it’s this very need that can topple start-ups. I learnt about change – that so much of it is about the individual and how far they are willing to take your idea. In that, I also learnt about human nature, about enthusiasm – not to rely on it.

Ultimately, I learnt that once you have the idea, the solution, some resources and team of people with varying skillsets, there really is very little that can stop you.

So here I am, my head still in the sky. But this time it’s because our office is a skyscraper.

About Eleanor Meyer

Eleanor graduated from Monash University with a BA(Honours), a Diploma in Environmental Sciences and a Masters in Politics. Her studies began with Shakespeare and climate change - an odd combination, but she found both came in handy when she developed an app explaining correct ways to recycle. Eleanor is interested in commandeering digital technologies and using the power of business for good.

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