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Photo of Eleanor Meyer

Introducing Eleanor Meyer

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Misspent youth. Everyone has one, right? In some way. I spent my misspent youth studying. That’s right, the old head-in-the-books problem. Surrounded by ideas. I was very idealistic. My university got me out to do an exchange to Italy, but it didn’t last long. I was back studying before they…

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Beef farmer Glenn Morris rides across Sydney Harbour Bridge AAP: Dan Himbrechts

Build a bridge (Ride horses over it)

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Last month beef farmer Glenn Morris, saddled up and went for a jaunt across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, as bemused tourists and (no doubt furious) motorists looked on. He was riding to protest vegetation laws being mooted by both state and federal governments, concerned that changes would make it too…

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Hands over wheat field

Keeping an eye on the horizon

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What matters to people in the future is something we seek to understand every time we develop a strategy. Sure, we do our best to learn from the past and deal with the now, yet looking forward is an integral part of planning communications and engagement for the public and…

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