Celebrating Coles’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement

Artwork from Coles Aboriginial and Torres Strait Islander booklet

Celebrating Coles’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement

As one of country’s largest retailers and employers, Coles has made a commitment to diversity and inclusion for all Australians – including Indigenous Australians.

Key to improving its engagement with Indigenous Australians has been its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Plan, first launched in 2011. It sets out Coles’ vision to reflect the communities in which its team members live and work by providing more opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, organisations, communities and customers to engage with Coles.

Since its launch, Coles has made significant progress in employing more Indigenous people and helping them build careers. Today Coles is proud to be Australia’s largest private sector employer of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Coles has also strengthened its relationships with Indigenous-owned businesses as suppliers, as well as with communities and support organisations.


Coles wanted to publish a booklet that celebrated its achievements in increasing engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

The booklet would also outline revised commitments under its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Plan to ensure Coles continued to build momentum in its connection to Indigenous people, communities and culture.


Working closely with the Indigenous Affairs Team, Currie developed a content plan for the booklet that featured current and former team members, business owners who supplied goods and services to Coles, and representatives from community organisations which Coles support.

Currie interviewed people from these groups, who were spread across the country. From these discussions, we crafted short and impactful case studies that highlighted how Coles’ efforts to improve engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander benefit individuals, suppliers, communities, and Coles itself. Benefits include career support and progression, supply agreements that allowed Indigenous-owned businesses to grow, and support for organisations that distribute healthy food to communities.

Currie sourced and collated images that helped bring these stories to life. We worked with Melbourne-based, Aboriginal graphic designer Marcus Lee to showcase these stories in an eye-catching, engaging publication.


Coles Indigenous Affairs team were pleased with the booklet that celebrated Coles’ journey and published its 2023 goals to ensure the business continues to improve its engagement with, and opportunities for, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, businesses, organisations and communities.

Coles has made the booklet available to its staff, stakeholders and customers on its website. It was distributed across Coles to all team members and provided to the business’s Indigenous partner organisations and the staff and Ministers within the Federal Government.

What our client says

Cover artwork by Marcus Lee

“We’ve worked with Currie previously and really value their collaborative approach, it’s almost like an extension of our team. They take the time to truly understand the project and built strong relationships with all of the stakeholders involved. The final product is a great representation of Coles’ work in the Indigenous engagement space and has been well received by stakeholders internally and externally. The publication is an important tool for education, inclusion and engagement in our business.”
– Russell James, Head of Indigenous Affairs

See the Coles Group Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement booklet.