Citrus communications explores new ground


Citrus communications explores new ground

Between 2015 and 2018 Currie managed the Citrus industry communications project for Hort Innovation which also saw us work closely with the industry representative body Citrus Australia. The project aimed to keep Australian levy-paying citrus growers informed about the latest research, development and marketing knowledge to improve their business productivity, profitability and sustainability. It also aimed to raise awareness of Hort Innovation’s investment of the citrus industry levy.

Our work both refreshed and expanded on established methods of communicating with citrus growers, packers, marketers, exporters and researchers, while developing a comprehensive strategy and annual implementation plans to explore the potential of Twitter, e-newsletters, photos and videos as pathways to the same audience.

Currie managed publication of the quarterly magazine Australian Citrus News which saw us capture case studies featuring growers, translate research, share industry news and promote events. The magazine was revamped to create a fresh, reader-friendly, polished package that also reflected Hort Innovation’s branding requirements, and Currie enshrined this crisp persona in a formal written and visual style guide.

Individual articles were published on Citrus Australia’s website to ensure they were more accessible to a wider audience. Our approach to publishing increased visits to Citrus Australia’s website and in the final three-month period (Jun-Aug 2018) there was a 60% increase in page views of posts published in the section that housed magazine articles compared to the same three-month period the year before.

Currie also led the introduction of Citrus eNews, a fortnightly electronic newsletter sent via an online platform to individual subscribers’ email inboxes. High engagement was maintained and strengthened through the project with Citrus eNews having an open rate of 53% and click rate of 26% in the project’s last quarter – a reflection of its good performance across the whole project.

Currie created an online, searchable library of more than 2000 original, high-resolution citrus industry photos ensuring both Citrus Australia and Hort Innovation had access to relevant people, orchard, packing, fruit and product imagery.

Preparing and distributing media releases, delivering media training and advising Citrus Australia’s nominated spokespeople on liaising with and/or responding to journalists – rounded out Currie’s industry-wide communications contribution.

In the last six months of the project, Currie also explored new territory for the citrus industry by actively engaging on Citrus Australia’s Twitter account and producing a grower video interview as a pilot to show the potential of videos as a tool for industry communications.

In addition to the Hort Innovation-funded Citrus industry communications project, Currie was contracted directly by Citrus Australia to produce its annual report for 2016, 2017 and 2018 – a glossy, full-colour booklet.

What our client says

“We appreciated Currie’s industry experience and trusted the team to keep the suite of communications on track – both in terms of content and delivery. Currie also incorporated changes to the Hort Innovation brand effectively across the project.”

Ashley Zamek, R&D Manager, Hort Innovation