Conference energises technology conversation


Conference energises technology conversation

When Precision Agriculture sponsored the Australian Farm Institute’s 2018 Digital Farmers conference, Currie helped them to take charge of the opportunity… literally.

Precision Agriculture is a forward-thinking provider of technology solutions that power agricultural performance. The Australian brand’s services help their customers to improve productivity and profitability through better management decisions.

When Precision Agriculture became a gold sponsor of the Australian Farm Institute’s 2018 Digital Farmers conference, they brought Currie on board to help them prepare their booth display to attract attendants, tell their story with creativity and spark constructive conversations with their key stakeholder audiences.

With the help of a creative backdrop and an inductive charging station, the conference booth did all of the above.

Creating the space

One of Precision Agriculture’s biggest priorities for the conference was creating a space that attracted attendees and engaged them with the business’s story.

Currie created a visually striking booth featuring a media wall, three pull-up banners and a feature video that ran on a loop on a large screen.

Meera Cameron, Operations Manager, Precision Agriculture said:

“In terms of visibility, colour and movement we were the leading business there. We were really pleased with how the banner and media wall turned out and other people at the conference actually came up and took photos of our display.”

The three banners were independent enough of each other that they could be placed separately around the conference venue, while also telling a collective story when brought back to sit beside each other.

The three pull-up banners can work together, or by themselves

The media wall

The 15-minute video was split into 20-second segments featuring employees and board members, who gave their accounts of Precision Agriculture’s projects and impact, infographics, and drone footage of work in the field. Together, the segments told the story of Precision Agriculture’s purpose and direction.

 The captioned video played throughout the conference 

Capturing attention

As a provider of leading technological solutions, Precision Agriculture felt it was important to take merchandise that demonstrated their innovation. Currie’s answer was circular inductive chargers.

A charging station was set up at Precision Agriculture’s booth where attendees with newer phone models could sit their phone on top of the disk-shaped chargers and charge their phone via induction. This provided attendees with the opportunity to re-charge their devices and gave Precision Agriculture the chance to engage their audience in great conversation while they waited.

Meera said:

“The charging station was brilliant. We had a constant flow of people, it encouraged people to stick around to talk to us and it enabled really good conversations.”

Top view of the inductive charger

What our client says

“Currie’s response time and work ethic was paramount to the success of the conference for us, especially given the tight timeframe. The graphic design was fantastic, everything came up really well and they did a great job providing key tools for us to use moving forward.”

Meera Cameron, Operations Manager, Precision Agriculture