Strengthening Australia’s learning culture


Strengthening Australia’s learning culture

Strengthening Australia’s current learning culture is no easy feat but that’s just what the Australian Learning Lecture set out to do.

A partnership between the Koshland Innovation Fund and the State Library Victoria, the decade-long project is designed to bring big ideas around education and learning into the spotlight to spark national discussion across all parts of society.


Central to achieving this is a series of a thought-provoking lectures to be held biennially.

The Australian Learning Lecture recruited Currie to create awareness for the program, launch the initiative and encourage people to attend the first lecture.

The theme of the first lecture was ‘Joy and Data’, which looked at the intersection between the joy of learning and the way in which we use different kinds of data to measure, value and enable success.


Key elements of our strategy included:

  • Defining goal, objectives and key performance indicators
  • Defining the target audiences
  • Developing and refining the campaign’s key messages to be used in online and printed collateral
  • Developing and refining the narrative and creating content i.e. newsletters, speeches and blogs
  • Managing social media posts and encouraging the online community to participate in the initiative
  • Developing a multi-pronged media plan to raise awareness of the initiative, promote Sir Michael Barber and encourage attendance at the lecture
  • Event management for the pre-lecture reception and inaugural lecture

Currie worked to implement the strategy in conjunction with the Australian Learning Lecture working group, consisting of representatives from the Koshland Innovation Fund and State Library Victoria.


The Australian Learning Lecture secured high influence media coverage (Australian Financial Review, ABC TV and radio) for the inaugural lecture and Sir Michael Barber. Media coverage in the April-June quarter attracted 38 media items at a value of $512,244.60.

Social media was used as a key medium in the campaign. Over a three-month period the Australian Learning Lecture Twitter page recruited 186 followers, with Facebook clocking up almost 400 likes. As a result, the inaugural lecture received more than 700 registrations.

What our client says

“Currie Communications is an outstanding company. Their team and their approach are highly professional. They are responsive in all their dealings – both with people and the tasks at hand.”

Ellen Koshland, Founder, Australian Learning Lecture