Introducing the future of food safety compliance

Dairy worker in PPE

Introducing the future of food safety compliance

The Victorian dairy industry contributes significantly to the state and national economies, with dairy being Victoria’s second largest export and Australia’s fourth largest. Continued success depends on the industry’s reputation of delivering safe products.

Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV) is responsible for regulating the Victorian dairy industry to safeguard public health. DFSV aims to strengthen performance and protect the industry’s reputation by introducing Dairy RegTech – a new approach to monitoring compliance.

In early 2020, DFSV reached out to Currie to help explain Dairy RegTech and its benefits, in preparation for rollout.


Dairy RegTech is a more sophisticated approach to food safety compliance, which requires careful messaging. As well as accurately describing the new approach, communications were needed to grow support for Dairy RegTech; to encourage Victorian dairy manufacturers to opt into it; and to position DFSV as a trusted food safety knowledge partner.


Currie worked closely with the DFSV team, to create a suite of communications to support the rollout of Dairy RegTech.

Central to this were key messages that were easy to understand yet included sufficient technical detail to explain how Dairy RegTech works.

These were used to craft web content including the Dairy RegTech homepage, and the food safety culture page that expands on that concept.

DFSV recognised the importance of providing key information in various formats to ensure the widest possible audience reach. Currie worked with our creative partners to develop infographics and illustrations which explained core aspects of Dairy RegTech visually.

We packaged this material in various ways, including a food safety culture factsheet and slide decks for industry presentations.

Currie also provides DFSV with wider communications support. In 2020, this included a brand refresh, editing the annual report, design of a new corporate plan, and other activities.


The Dairy Industry Consultative Forum endorsed the Dairy RegTech approach in October 2020.

The Minister for Agriculture, Jaclyn Symes, and the department have also given strong support to the new approach.

The DFSV team has reported that all communications materials have been well received and have helped licensees and others understand Dairy RegTech.