Partnering for social impact


Partnering for social impact

Enabling people to build a better life in Australia is the impact we sought from our pro bono partnership with the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre (ASRC).

Under this partnership Currie employed two interns from the ASRC Mentoring Program and we helped to create a tram wrap for the ‘Story beside you’ campaign which raised awareness of the challenges faced by people seeking asylum.

The work we do with our pro-bono partners has seen us tackle complex social problems. It has pushed us to uncover new angles to age-old problems. It has given us the privilege to work with people across multiple disciplines.

Says former director of fundraising and marketing at ASRC, Cath Hoban: “One of the keys to our success in building good pro-bono partnerships is ensuring we have a collective focus on shared value.

“Civil society works at its best when business and community share the heavy lifting needed to solve complex social problems.”