When stakeholder engagement is essential


When stakeholder engagement is essential

When Southern Rural Water (SRW) needed independent support to develop and deliver a robust stakeholder engagement process, Currie Communication was keen to be involved.

In early 2017, SRW was tasked with meeting new requirements from the Essential Services Commission (ESC) to support their 2017 water pricing submission. These requirements included a greater emphasis on the role of customer engagement to support price submissions.

Currie worked closely with SRW staff to design and deliver mixed-method stakeholder engagement opportunities that met the ESC guidelines for SRW’s 2017 pricing submission, and leveraged an existing continuum of stakeholder engagement activities.

Meaningful customer engagement was achieved through focus groups and one-on-one interviews held throughout Victoria during April and May 2017. A dynamic mix of consultation methods ensured that SRW customers could provide feedback on a range of Service Proposals and Customer Outcome Statements.

Attendees were generous and honest with their feedback, and consultation events provided lateral opportunities to build and strengthen customer relationships and raise the profile of key operational staff. Attendee feedback on the sessions showed strong positive sentiment on both the format, timing and transparency of discussions.

Currie collated all feedback into a final independent Consultation Report that highlighted key themes and trends, and met ESC retention requirements.

What our client says

Currie applied their significant experience in the agriculture and water sectors to design and facilitate customer focus groups and interviews to inform our pricing submission. They were responsive, cost-effective, focussed and agile. We got fantastic input and very favourable feedback from our customers.

Elissa McNamara, Engagement Lead – Water Pricing Submission, Southern Rural Water