Storytelling, messaging for fruit growers


Storytelling, messaging for fruit growers

Requiring support with its magazine, website and social media, Apple and Pear Australia Ltd (APAL) asked Currie to help deliver its communications in 2017 and 2018.

APAL is the representative body of the pome fruit industry nationally. Its membership comprises growers and a wider network of stakeholders including packers, marketers, retailers, researchers, service providers and exporters.

Currie produced 10 editions of APAL’s magazine Australian Fruitgrower, which served as a primary communications link. We planned, edited and co-ordinated production of the publication and also generated content. This content came from on-farm interviews, events and updates on projects supported by the Hort Innovation Apple and Pear Fund. We also managed distribution of the hard-copy edition and published the electronic edition, including individual articles, on APAL’s website.

To help guide writers and to ensure a consistent style in the magazine, we developed the Australian Fruitgrower style guide for APAL.

Our work also included generating written and audio-visual posts for APAL’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. We occasionally prepared APAL’s e-newsletter Industry Juice and delivered  media training sessions to APAL staff members, industry representatives, and growers. This was complemented by providing support around issues to APAL.

Currie contributed to APAL’s photo library on Flickr with high quality orchard, grower, fruit and juice photos. Plus we produced a range of grower video interviews that we published in APAL’s YouTube channel and a series of ‘hot topic’ backgrounders, Q&A and animated videos.

We maintain an ongoing relationship with APAL supporting them with communications and issues management as required.

What our client says

“Currie supported APAL during a time of transition helping ensure key communications products and services were maintained and delivered professionally to our high-quality standards.

Currie’s capacity to provide the support we needed combined with their industry knowledge and experience made it easy for them to not only work closely with us but to connect with our growers and industry base.

The media training course they delivered for us was also enormously popular with attendees!"

Lisa Malone, Head of Communications and Media, Apple and Pear Australia Limited