Sustainability reports - why they matter


Sustainability reports – why they matter

Sustainability reporting is becoming the new norm. 2015 saw 85% of the US’ 500 largest companies publishing a report.

These changes are reflections of changing social attitudes. Stakeholders are becoming more conscious of a business’ non-financial activity. Today, the corporate bubble is thinning. The wider world is becoming increasingly aware of how business activity impacts the world and civil society – through emissions, waste, pollution, diversity, corporate ethics, and workplace safety and culture.

To meet growing expectations, financial reporting is no longer enough. Sustainability reporting is a pivotal platform for companies to communicate with their stakeholders. Importantly, in an era where trust in establishments is at an all-time low, sustainability reports offer transparency and a way for companies to win back trust.

Sustainability storytelling

At Currie, we think telling your sustainability story matters. Today, a business’ identity is no longer built on its products and services alone, but also on how it operates day-to-day. For employees and customers, a company’s sustainability footprint is an important marker of the path a company has chosen to travel on, and the direction it is heading towards. Telling this tale helps define your business in the eyes of your stakeholders.

Your sustainability story speaks not only about what you do, but who you are.

Telling Bega’s sustainability story

Now a $1.2 billion business, Bega Cheese has a strong commitment to long term sustainable growth. The company recognises that sustainability does not only matter to them, but also to their customers, suppliers and the wider community.

When Bega came to us in 2015 to for assistance with their first Sustainability Report, we welcomed the opportunity to help them tell their story. In this inaugural report, we showcased Bega’s place in the community and the supply chain as sustainable operators. Currie developed copy and design with strong imagery that communicated the company’s sustainability performance to its primary audiences – customers, consumers, suppliers and employees. The report established Bega’s sustainability promise, one backed up by transparent reporting.

Currie assisted Bega to continue their tale in the 2016 Sustainability Report. Specific case studies highlighted how the company has reduced milk powder emissions and trade waste at its manufacturing sites.

By working with Bega to develop these two publications, Currie has supported the organisation to consolidate its public pledge on sustainability.

What our client says

Currie Communications’ assistance to Bega Cheese in preparing our sustainability report for the past two years has been greatly appreciated.  

Neil Rosier, Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Bega Cheese Limited