Technical content made practical


Technical content made practical

When updates were made to strengthen and extend the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS), the big question for industry was how best to communicate this move to roughly 400 operators nationally. 

With feedlots in every state, the NFAS is Australia’s independently owned and audited quality assurance program for cattle lot feeding. The geographic spread means accredited feedlots face vastly disparate physical and economic conditions and challenges and can be relatively isolated. However, thanks to NFAS, all work within a strict set of clearly defined requirements designed to ensure best-practice management is followed in caring for livestock and the environment and guaranteeing the integrity and food safety of the end-product: Grain Fed Beef. 

On behalf of industry, the peak body for feedlot operators, the Australian Lot Feeders Association (ALFA), took up responsibility for delivering the message, with Currie as its communications advisor and service partner. 

Once the updates had been finalised and documented by the scheme’s advisory committee, Currie worked with ALFA to distill the core content of the revised NFAS Rules and Standards into a suite of easily digested key points. 

This was used as the foundation of a mix of resources for distribution both directly to operators and via industry stakeholders. Hard copy and/or electronic elements included covering letters, a circular, a PowerPoint slide presentation, a summary document, a ‘What you need to know’ fact sheet and a notice of advice. 

As a natural complement to the initial roll-out announcement, Currie prepared a series of six case studies based on interviews with feedlot owners or managers, the chair of the committee overseeing the scheme, a regulator and a third-party auditor. These focused on presenting dynamic examples of the amendments being adopted at feedlot level, backed up by practical take-away messaging and a clear, consistent call to action. All six were packaged as PDFs for sharing on ALFA’s website. Engaging portrait photographs of the interview subjects were also provided. 

Using these case studies and the previously developed collateral as a basis, Currie went on to create 18 articles for industry publications and electronic newsletters, including the association’s own ALFA Lotfeeding member magazine. 

All materials were written in straightforward, no-nonsense language tailored specifically for agricultural professionals, in many instances including direct quotes from recognised leaders and pace-setters. 

The project spanned eight months and contributed to seamless implementation by all 400-odd accredited feedlot operators of the newly expanded NFAS, with no discernible reticence, confusion or lapse in compliance detected. 

What our client says 

“Currie’s experience and ability to expertly convey technical content and the client’s key messages to agbased audiences once again shone through in this project.

“It was an effortless process which delivered the collateral needed for us to succeed. Thank you, Team Currie, for helping us extend the importance of the NFAS and the recent enhancements to feedlot businesses around Australia.”

Christian Mulders, CEO, Australian Lot Feeders’ Association