Training videos for high-quality meat


Training videos for high-quality meat

Currie developed training videos for AUS-MEAT, the not-for-profit, industry owned company that provides auditing, certification and training to shore up the Australian red meat industry’s enviable reputation for quality, integrity and reliability.

While AUS-MEAT has expanded its services and achieved significant business growth in recent years, its training videos needed a refresh.

Currie worked with AUS-MEAT to update its videos about the standardised language used to describe red meat products. These standard descriptions use objective measurements and are called the AUS-MEAT Language. Using the AUS-MEAT Language throughout production ensures products consistently meet customers’ expectations.

These videos are being utilised during AUS-MEAT training at accredited processing plants across the country. They help workers understand product standards and their importance to the industry as a whole. They have also been uploaded to the AUS-MEAT Limited Youtube channel so customers, consumers and others can see how the Australian red meat industry provides consistently high-quality products that meet their needs.

We worked with AUS-MEAT to develop videos about three aspects of AUS-MEAT Language: that which applies to Over-The-Hooks Trading of Livestock, Chiller Assessment and Product Trading. These three videos show how AUS-MEAT Language is applied throughout the red meat value chain, from paddock to plate.

To deliver this project, Currie:

  • worked with the AUS-MEAT team to draft and refine scripts that were informative and easy-to-understand
  • developed storyboards referencing AUS-MEAT diagrams and measurement scales
  • secured permission to visit a Queensland abattoir and two feedlots
  • briefed and coached talent
  • supervised a cinematographer filming
  • drew on our experience of producing videos about meat production to ensure it demonstrated best practice
  • liaised between the client and video editor during editing and approval

Currie was thrilled to again work with an experienced cinematographer using state-of-the-art equipment to create these three broadcast-quality videos. The resulting videos are informative and engaging introductions to how standardised descriptions help producers and processors work together to deliver products suited to different markets. They feature an AUS-MEAT trainer/auditor and abattoir staff who use AUS-MEAT Language every day.

What our client says 

After researching and reviewing a number of companies we found Gabrielle and her team at Currie Communications. The team at Currie provided us with a professional, enthusiastic and extremely efficient process for the development of our industry training videos. The training videos provide the Australian red meat industry with an extremely valuable resource. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Currie Communications for their services. Overall, it was a pleasure working with Gabrielle, Laura and Paul during the development and we look forward to our ongoing association into the future.

Ben Robinson, Manager – AUS-MEAT and Industry Training Services, AUS-MEAT Limited