Engaging at the waste frontline

Currie’s role as reference group and forum moderator for Melbourne’s major landfill sites provides a community-oriented perspective of the waste challenge.

Foundations for demonstrating impact

In 2016, Currie was appointed by The University of Queensland to coordinate set up of communications and engagement for the $60 million National Environmental Science Program’s Threatened Species Recovery Hub.

Turning science into decisions

The Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions supports governments, land managers and business people to make complex environmental decisions.

Promoting sustainable practices in the tropics

The capacity of communities to sustain life is greatly influenced by the decisions they make. By better understanding the consequences of human activity we can help maintain coastal communities and secure their natural resource for future generations

Making each submission stand out

Change is influenced by leaders, especially industry leaders. However when a senate inquiry is called, it can be hard for organisations to navigate the lengthy process of drafting a submission.

Meeting the challenge of change

According to Albert Einstein, “we can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them

Obama tweets science story

A science story we edited for our client the Global Change Institute (GCI) at The University of Queensland, was tweeted by US President Barack Obama.

Partnering for a river revival

Currie's co-ordinating skills were put to the test in 2012, when we helped eight project partners to promote a new multimillion dollar program that will revive the Maribyrnong River.

Australia’s first ‘living building’ starts life

With a gust of wind, the natural ventilation system of the Global Change Institute’s (GCI) new headquarters kicked in, breathing life into the opening of this inspirational ‘living building’ in August.

Scientists learn to talk underwater

When your work is set to be seen by one billion worldwide you want to say the right things when asked about it, right?

Getting “face-time” in Washington DC

When you visit a nation’s capital you want ‘face-time’ with important people who hold a stake in the future of your organization. So, when the Global Change Institute at The University of Queensland went to Washington DC in 2011 they engaged Currie to arrange meetings with several influential thought-leaders and potential research partners.

Helping shape a policy outcome

Every once in a while, a political window opens that creates an opportunity to change policy for the better.

The story behind the research

In 2012 the Global Change Institute sought to bring a more human face to its work to help tell the story of how it is meeting the challenges of change.

Carbon crisis is lethal for coral reefs

A cover story of the prestigious Science magazine highlighted the urgent action required to protect coral reefs from rising concentrations of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. 

Promoting the cause of coral reefs

Coral reefs underpin the livelihoods of an estimated 400 million people worldwide, yet human activity, carbon emissions and global warming are damaging the health of coral reefs worldwide.