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What better way to raise awareness of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) than sponsor the new-look Banksia Awards, Australia’s first and foremost sustainability awards. 

 For a proudly-certified B Corporation that assists clients bring people together to solve social and environmental problems, the decision to sponsor the Banksia Sustainability Awards again in 2018 was easy. 

 This year the Banksia Sustainability Awards embrace the Global Goals. The organisation behind the awards, the Banksia Foundation, has long-recognised that ambitious goals can only be met if people work together. 

 For 30 years, the Banksia awards, have been the guiding light in Australia for seeking out and recognising champions of leadership and innovation, across all sectors of sustainable development. 

 Not only do the awards celebrate the outstanding individual and organisational achievements of 440 winners, they also inspire excellence in sustainability and educate people about sustainability. 

 So, Currie is thrilled to sponsor an award in 2018 and we will take a keen interest in entries that feature products, processes or programs that support SDG #17 (Partnerships for the Goals). 

 As a company that is a partner in the multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral Capturing Coral Reef and Related Ecosystems (CCRES) project, we’re taking action on this goal. In our work with CCRES we’re promoting sustainable technologies to developing countries (Target 17.7 under Goal #17) and supporting efforts to enhance the capacity of coastal communities in developing countries (Target 17.9). 

 We’re looking forward to seeing this year’s contenders. Currie would like to wish all entrants the best of luck. 

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Mark’s first job was milking cows. An award-winning career in journalism followed. These days when he's not trying to save coral reefs in Indonesia, dreaming about playing tennis on the Masters circuit or raising three kids in a blended family he thrives on consulting work that connects profit with people and planet. The son of corgi breeders, Mark would like to change the world for the better. Read more posts by Mark.

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