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Kids watching TV

A plea to news networks

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“Killing me, killing me,” shouted my small niece in her sleep last week. She’s ten. She likes her American Girl doll, her pet bunny Lily and pretty much anything that sparkles. Her dream was about people putting hoods over her family and shooting them, then shooting her. She does not…

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House deck

Your House Rules

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“I don’t want to talk about your renovation,” was splayed across a woman’s chest in a St Kilda café last week. The t-shirt, while a cynical view of the business of fixing-up houses, made me laugh and got me thinking about when I heard my six- year-old being asked by…

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Rupert Murdoch

Eat humble pie, Rupert – yeah, right

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I don’t normally like watching people getting picked on, yet I enjoyed every squirm of the Murdoch moguls in their testimony at the parliamentary inquiry about their involvement in the protracted phone hacking that occurred at their newspaper, News of the World. They were prepared, for sure. They had they hired…

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