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What inspires workers about your organisation? At Currie we’ve found the purpose (what we are here to do) inspires our people.

Currie is a proudly-certified B Corporation (#BCorp), a founding member in Australia.

This week Currie was recognised as a Best for the World company for the second consecutive year. In 2018 we are an honouree in the Workers category, based on our score in a B Impact Report – almost double the median score of companies that have completed the B Impact Assessment.

The importance of our BCorp certification was borne out when our team members posted blogs and social content for #BCorpMonth, a global celebration of what it means to be a proudly-certified BCorp.

In the posts, ‘Being proud, being responsible‘, ‘Getting cut-through on sustainability‘ and ‘Being pro-bono, pro-BCorp‘, our people wrote about what inspires them.

BCorps are often described as ‘for-purpose’ companies as opposed to being for-profit entities. The mission of the BCorp community (2544 companies, 130 industries, 50+ countries) is purpose-driven.

It’s not what these companies do that inspires workers. It’s why they do what they do.

Currie seeks to work with leaders in business, science, government and society to make sense of complex issues, to engage influential stakeholders and to tell stories that inspire positive change.

Why do we do what we do? Well, our purpose is to do good, to grow our net-positive impact on people and the planet. We use the power of business to solve environmental and social problems.

Harvard Business Review reports that millennials want work that connects to a larger purpose and Forbes writes how purpose-driven companies attract and engage the best minds.

We know first-hand how important the ‘why’ is to recruiting talented people. Not long ago three of four people short-listed for one role at Currie said they wanted to join us because we are a BCorp.

Our purpose is why we’re lucky to have these new, talented people in our team:

  • Laura Griffin, a journalist who brings extensive agricultural media experience to the team, and the creativity with the written word to inspire positive change;
  • Gillian Doigan experienced sustainability specialist (Gill’s skills in strategic thinking are already strengthening our ability to help businesses change for the better); and
  • Laura Browning,  a university graduate, and self-proclaimed ‘sponge’, eager to contribute her communications skills and agricultural background in a way that affects change.

A sense of higher purpose provides meaning at work. Workers who derive meaning from their work report almost twice the job satisfaction and are three times more likely to stay with their employer.

The word, why, speaks to values and culture, and from the heart. The ‘why’ is what inspires action. It’s why we eat chocolate ripple cakewhy we report our sustainability and why we do what we do. It’s why purpose-led businesses are growing 28 times faster than average in the United Kingdom.

The word ‘why’ matters. So, what’s your ‘why’? What are you here to do?

About Mark Paterson

Mark’s first job was milking cows. An award-winning career in journalism followed. These days when he's not trying to save coral reefs in Indonesia, dreaming about playing tennis on the Masters circuit or raising three kids in a blended family he thrives on consulting work that connects profit with people and planet. The son of corgi breeders, Mark would like to change the world for the better. Read more posts by Mark.

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