Cheese processing plant

In 2011 Bega Cheese contracted Currie to manage its public announcement of a five-year deal with Coles supermarkets to supply all of the supermarket’s home brand cheese.

Currie reinforced the benefits of the agreement for both companies in the messaging to the media. Our focus was to highlight how Bega was contributing to the dairy industry through job creation and by driving demand for 70 million extra litres of milk to make the cheese.

For the Australian Stock Exchange, the new agreement demonstrated Bega’s ability to work closely with key customers and secure long term growth and stability for the company.

The announcement came during the Senate enquiry into milk prices and despite a media release from Australian Dairy Farmers Ltd about Coles and broader milk prices, the majority of the media coverage was positive.

Currie managed all national media relations across print, radio, online and television and throughout the week reached over 5 million people.  Despite the remote location of the event, the campaign managed to generate more than 100 print stories, 70 radio news items and lead stories across the regional television networks.

News of the story spread on twitter and coverage was as widespread as New Zealand and Asia.