Woman picking fruit

The Australian platform of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) is a unique, member-based organisation that like Currie is committed to the goals of people, planet and profit.

SAI’s membership is comprised of leading corporations that span the Australian agricultural, food and beverage supply chain. Their focus is on critical Australian issues of water, land, climate change and the sustainability of all agriculture-based products.

SAI approached Currie to work alongside member organisations to produce a six-page brochure on the platform.

The objective of the brochure was to provide a single, compelling narrative that explained the purpose of the SAI to key stakeholders – including key policy makers – and attract potential members to the platform.

Currie worked with existing case studies from six different member industries, across a range of disciplines and worked it into a coherent narrative that told the broader story of the organisation.

This involved sitting down with key people from these organisations, and teasing out those elements of their sustainability programs that held broad appeal.

Currie was able to produce a brochure that the SAI Platform has used to great effect in promoting the organisation to key policy makers, by employing a number of tactics. These included:

  • The use of testimonials – Short grabs from those who contribute to, and benefit from, being a member of SAI, allowed us to convey in 25 words or less, the benefits the organisation provides. These were short, sharp and importantly, easy to recall.
  • Examples of the real work that is being achieved in sustainability  — Examples of programs that have already achieved results demonstrated the SAI delivers real outcomes, tangible results that key policy makers can refer to when talking about sustainable agriculture.
  • A consistent, coherent narrative – Currie took a diverse range of programs and found those common threads that allowed us to write on them as a collective, rather than a disparate range of programs.
  • A narrative that was aspirational in tone – It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. The case studies and programs provided us the proof, Currie then ensured the tone was aspirational, one that would encourage people to want to find out more and become involved.

For more information on the SAI, visit http://www.saiplatformaust.org/