How do you tell the Australian dairy industry’s story about sustainability in a way that hasn’t been told before…in only 90 seconds?

That was the creative brief Currie met when it directed production of a Youtube clip for Dairy Australia, a national services body which acts as the collective investment arm of the Australian dairy industry, investing in essential research, development, extension and industry services.

The colourful, fresh and dynamic animation features the story of a family out shopping and how the simple act of buying dairy is linked in number of ways to a growing international industry striving to be even more sustainable.

The video animation explains dairy’s Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework – a whole-of-industry blueprint for continuous improvement in sustainable practices – and its three main planks: Enhancing Livelihoods, Improving Wellbeing and Reducing Environmental Impact.

Notwithstanding the progress on sustainability made by dairy farmers and manufacturers, the video sought to start new, online conversations (#ausdairy #agchatoz #sustainabledairyoz) among farmers, their families, colleagues and friends about how they can make the industry even more sustainable and profitable.

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