Currie’s role as reference group and forum moderator for Melbourne’s major landfill sites provides a community-oriented perspective of the waste challenge.

Australia’s landfills are an essential part of the nation’s waste solution. There is increasing scrutiny from both the community and regulators of landfill operations, about the environmental impacts, and long term management and rehabilitation.  Cleanaway is one of Australia’s leading waste organisations and takes its community engagement responsibilities seriously. Cleanaway engaged Currie as an independent facilitator to moderate and chair their Community Reference Groups in areas where there is significant local interest in the operation of a major landfill in Ravenhall in Melbourne’s west, and closed landfills under rehabilitation in Clayton in the south east, and Tullamarine in the north.

Drawing on its facilitation and engagement experience and using the principles of the International Association of Public Participation, Currie’s facilitation of regular reference group meetings and public forums, assists transparent information sharing between Cleanaway, local residents, interest groups, councils and EPA Victoria, and raises awareness and understanding the improvement works and the site operations.  These community gatherings can be complex at times, requiring Currie to sensitively deal with people’s emotions while ensuring frank discussion can continue. We’re proud to be supporting Cleanaway to connect with local residents in this way.

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