Camera crew in front of herd of cows

The cameras were rolling in Victoria’s Western District when Currie coordinated the production of an educational video for farmers on behalf of the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program.

LPA is the Australian red meat industry’s on-farm food safety program. The video shows what farmers need to do to ensure the red meat they produce is safe and meets the stringent requirements of our export markets.

The video will be used by farmers and in training stock agents and extension staff.

Harrow farmer Michael Craig and his family hosted the film crew and Currie consultant Gabrielle Sheehan for two days while the video was made. In a team effort Michael, his wife Jane, their two boys, farm workers and the family dog all played a part in the film, as did some very well-behaved livestock.

Local paper, Hamilton Spectator, got wind of the fact that the cameras were in town, and the film shoot made front page headlines. The paper featured a double-page spread that provided a great outline of what farmers need to do to meet LPA requirements.

Contact: Gabrielle Sheehan