Change is influenced by leaders, especially industry leaders.

However when a senate inquiry is called, it can be hard for organisations to navigate the lengthy process of drafting a submission.

With Currie’s longstanding history working in and with government, organisations have engaged us to prepare senate submissions that stand out from the rest. These organisations include the Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre (PBCRC), Wheat Quality Australia (WQA), Citrus Australia, the Retirement Village Association (RVA) and Meat and Livestock Australia.

In response to each inquiry, Currie has crafted various submissions through consultations to identify what needs to be said, uncovering evidence to support development/change and prioritising content.

This includes:

  • Consistent engagement of internal voices that matter
  • Facilitation in identifying key issues
  • Development of tools and material to guide the submission and provide evidence in moving forward
  • Developing a clear and targeted written submission using straightforward language

Currie has completed two recent submissions for the Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre.

Plant biosecurity R&D is essential to Australia’s agricultural sector, as well as our unique flora and fauna.

When the Federal Government undertook to examine agriculture’s future in early 2014, PBCRC was keen to ensure that the vital role that sound R&D plays in supporting Australia’s biosecurity system, and the current and future competitiveness of our farming and export sectors, was well understood.

Currie worked with PBCRC to clearly articulate a multi layered argument for continued R&D support. Identifying and including examples of risk, should biosecurity R&D not be maintained, gave real impact to the story.

PBCRC’s submission to the 2014 Environmental Biosecurity Senate Inquiry was a more easily identified story, however, explanation of the variation in approach from State Governments presented challenges.

In this instance, the development of a succinct submission (no. 32)  moved beyond highly technical language to demonstrate the importance of PBCRC’s work in maintaining the environmental amenity that Australians enjoy.

What our client says

“Working with Currie has been highly productive for us. Currie understood what was needed for an effective submission. They took the time to nail down what we really wanted to say, and then made our story easy to understand.”

Dr Michael Robinson, CEO, Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre