According to Albert Einstein, “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. Whether it is population growth, climate change or revolutions in technology – understanding and responding to change is more important than ever.

To address the challenges of change, The University of Queensland has established the Global Change Institute (GCI) to generate ideas, foster innovative research and collaborate with multi-disciplinary partners worldwide.

Currie supports the Institute’s communications and engagement program, which underpins its efforts to foster debate on critical issues, and promote the uptake of credible information and knowledge to ensure long-term, sustainable resource use.

To assist in explaining their vision, Currie worked with the GCI to develop two strategic documents. Managing the Challenge of Change provides an overview of their purpose and themes.  The Global Change Institute Research Profile (2011-2015) spells out its research program in detail. Both documents were used to support discussions with key stakeholders on partnership, collaboration and funding opportunities.