Dairy farm

Dairy food is a healthy part of the daily diet of 21 million Australians. Employing 43,000, the $13 billion Australian dairy industry underpins regional economies where one in eight Australians live.

In addition, dairy farmers strive to leave their land and water in better shape for the next generation.

Despite this significant contribution to Australia’s economic, social and environmental wellbeing, the dairy industry’s impact on the environment, their animals and the population’s health are emerging.

In response, the industry sought to develop a national sustainability strategy which would outline the sector’s commitment to people, planet and profit and drive practice change where necessary.

Dairy Australia engaged Currie Communications to prepare and execute a strategy of communications, consultation and engagement to support development of the Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework.

Our activities included:

  • Facilitation of a national consultation process, involving 50 stakeholders, including farmers, manufacturers, customers, retailers, government, regulators, NGOs and leading interest groups.
  • Development of materials and tools to guide discussion and capture feedback for the Framework, together with the establishment of reference groups and governance mechanisms

For the first time in its 200-year history the Australian dairy industry has a national strategic framework – endorsed by the industry’s leadership and supported by stakeholders – to drive sustainable practices.