Fish stall at market

In 2012 the Global Change Institute sought to bring a more human face to its work to help tell the story of how it is meeting the challenges of change.

Led by world-renowned researcher Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, the GCI is a vehicle for collaborative research, learning, engagement and advocacy in major global change issues.

Using our experience in journalism and our ability to decipher science for a general audience, Currie interviewed a number of researchers within the GCI and developed a series of case studies, highlighting the people and projects that make up this unique institution.

From the Queensland Geothermal Energy Centre of Excellence, which needs to ensure geothermal energy can supply eight per cent of the nation’s power needs by 2030, to, internationally-recognised paediatrician Professor Peter Sly’s delight in straight-speaking kids, we captured the challenges and personalities that make up the GCI.

You can see the case studies here: