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House deck

“I don’t want to talk about your renovation,” was splayed across a woman’s chest in a St Kilda café last week.

The t-shirt, while a cynical view of the business of fixing-up houses, made me laugh and got me thinking about when I heard my six- year-old being asked by her friend if she was renovating.  “Yes, yes, we’re getting bunk beds,” was the reply.

It seems the whole world is painting, tiling or re-upholstering.  Whether this is due to tools like Pinterest, blogs like Design Files, or shows like The Block or Grand Designs – or a society driven by a desire to up the value of their home, we can’t be sure.

The television show Neighbours is also getting on the bandwagon and announced a few weeks ago it is spending $1million to do up some of the backyards on Ramsay Street.

Recently Currie carried out some media relations work for L.C. Williams & Associates based in Chicago, a fellow member of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN). They recommended Currie to American firm, Trex to launch a new  building product into Australia.

Our experience was very different to the t-shirt’s message, lots of media wanted to speak with me about the pro and cons of Trex Transcend®, a wood-alternative decking that is made from 90% recycled material.

We found a targeted campaign, with clear product benefits outlined, was just what the lifestyle media are looking for.  It seems a deck is part of the quintessential Australian dream and if there is a low maintenance product that allows people to enjoy them more, then it has a place in this market.

Even if some people are sick of hearing about your house plans (or products), don’t despair there are many others who are not.

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