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Currie Communications is an independent Australian public relations agency which thrives on work that starts conversations about solving problems. We assist clients to make sense of complex issues, engage influential stakeholders, and tell stories that inspire positive change.

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Clean, green, lean: Norfolk embodies all that #ausag holds dear

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IF EVER a single place captures the essence of a Brand Australia campaign for Australian agriculture it must surely be 21st-century Norfolk Island. Norfolk might be one of Australia’s most remote territories, yet this tiny outpost punches well above its geographic and financial weight in terms of social and environmental…

The 'S' word

All thanks to the ‘S’ word

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I’ve worked in the environment and sustainability sector my entire career. From day dot I have had to explain to people what I do – it’s not an easy feat. I’ve often fantasised about having a profession which is commonly understood. I’m an accountant. Wouldn’t that be easy? The worst…

Photo of Eleanor Meyer

Introducing Eleanor Meyer

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Misspent youth. Everyone has one, right? In some way. I spent my misspent youth studying. That’s right, the old head-in-the-books problem. Surrounded by ideas. I was very idealistic. My university got me out to do an exchange to Italy, but it didn’t last long. I was back studying before they…

H&R birthday 22

This is what to expect.

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When I walk out my front door on Monday morning I’ll turn right instead of left – swapping the tram for a bike, suit for jeans and Currie for the unknown. After eight years in public relations, and being lucky enough to spend the past two with the Currie team,…

It has been a pleasure working with the Currie team on the FarmDiversity PR campaign – the team did a fantastic job on the campaign and the strategy was carried out with precision.

Damon Whittock, Communications and Public Affairs Manager, RIRDC.

Working with Currie has been highly productive for us. Currie understood what was needed for an effective submission. They took the time to nail down what we really wanted to say, and then made our story easy to understand.

Dr Michael Robinson, Chief Executive Officer of Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre (PBCRC).

Currie’s work on communications and engagement has been crucial in obtaining stakeholder agreement for a national sustainability framework for the Australian dairy industry. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Helen Dornom, Manager Sustainability including Food Safety & Integrity, Dairy Australia

Currie impressed us with their flexibility, clear thinking, hard work and attention to detail. They did all they said they would do, and did it with a full appreciation of our communications needs. The brief was changed several times but Currie kept up and always responded with enthusiasm and commitment.

Paul Tierney - Manager, Marketing and Communications - Road Safety and Network Access